The Little Kitchen program is designed with the guidance of an Occupational Therapist for children aged 2-10 years. 


The program teaches children how to be creative with food and adventurous with tastes and textures. We are the first and only cooking school in South Africa that uses KiddiKutter child safe knives in our program which teaches children the proper cutting technique but is also safe for children to use. BPA free and dishwasher safe. 


Aimed at complementing the pre-school syllabus either as part of the school’s curriculum or as an extra curricular activity. The program is also great to combine with the homeschooling and Montessori syllabus. 


The 30 minute, fun filled class includes basic concepts such as colours, shapes, letter recognition and basic math. 


The food craft will introduce your little one to a wealth of creativity, delicious treats, as well as healthy eating habits. 


Little Kitchen also offers classes in the comfort of your own home and as a party service.

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